Yoram Dvash Diamonds (Y.Dvash) is one of the most prestigious companies of its genre, owned by Mr. Yoram Dvash who is the president of the IDE for the past 5 years.
For the last three decades, Y.Dvash has built a fine reputation being a reliable and trust-worthy company, manufacturing rounds and the most popular fancy shapes (from 0.08 to 5.00 carats).

Y.Dvash provides an extensive and diversified stock.
It also provides GIA certificated diamonds.
Y.Dvash is sawing and manufacturing in the company’s factory in Israel.

Our first priority, in Y.Dvash, is to nurture the warm and solid contacts with our clients. Most of them are return customers.
We have developed a unique and flexible business approach to fill-up and deliver every need of every client, up to the very last one.

The bee represents for us a merge of emotions; It’s not only who we are- the meaning of the word DVASH in Hebrew is HONEY, but it’s also what we stand for. Just like the diligent bee, which flies around, with no hesitation, and creates honey from the flower, so are we, in Y. DVASH, working diligently day and night- bringing to life the best polished diamonds, created and shaped especially for you.
We welcome you to our web site and invite you to join our customers-circle.
For us, diamonds are not only business - It is a whole world of magic and excitement.